The project


IFLNG's first step towards its vision is its project at Kharg Island, Iran. To reach up to 2 million tons per year (MTPA), the first stage will lead to a LNG production of 0.5 MTPA and LPG production of 0.2 MTPA .


Led by the joint teams of Hemla Vantage and Kharg Gas Refining Company, the project entails an onshore processing and LPG facility connected to a FLNG barge moored offshore Kharg Island.


It will be a milestone for Iran marking the first LNG production in Iran, as well as first LNG production in Iran from floating LNG facilities.


The project: 0.5 MTPA of LNG and 0.2 MTPA of LPG.

Technology: Floating LNG

Start: 2017

Term: 15 years